Loud Musings

A collection of the weird and fantastical musings of a girl bent on world domination.

Reverse psychology

You decide to erase him from your smile so you take up ballroom dancing, an art class, and poetry. You read all the books he failed to mention and you dance to the type of music he can’t stand. You become the antagonist in your own biography. You only make left turns at traffic lights. You slip into someone else, give him a fever and live in his veins. And when he stands up to you, you destroy him with two words and move on; you hurricane. You’re a fierce little thing; a warrior fighting her own reflection because you’re the only thing he ever loved and to destroy it would rip him from your smile. To destroy it would catapult him back into your life so he could try to save you. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?


There was nothing more to offer

And I was weary of staying any longer

Lest I drown in your laughter

And forget my place.

I didn’t want to speak out of turn

And confess what no penance could erase,

So I sought absolution at the bottom of a bottle

Because nothing says ‘I love you’ better than a glass of wine

When boys with boat smiles sail away from your shoreline.

msboutique-deactivated20131102 asked: Whoever your inspiration is. Don't let him go. It is such a glorious gift to write like this.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment:)


Jack and Jill

We’re on a journey,

A merry-go-round of sorts,

And somehow I am standing on the outside;


A lifetime of feeling like the spare wheel

Has taught me not to jump in head first

Because cracked skulls and broken hearts

Take time to nurse back to health,

And I no longer have the energy to clean up your mess.

Terms and Conditions

There’s this blanket of trust

That we hide beneath;

And I’m not saying that you don’t belong,

But you crossed lines;

And I should have read the fine print.

Terms and conditions apply;

Don’t rely on this man to be more than he currently is,

because hearts have been broken for less.

Fool me twice

"You need someone to love you, you need someone to tell you everything is alright" - ‘Need Someone’, Mary J Blige

They say I shouldn’t have let you in;


You keep your arms open for me

And there’s nothing more human

Than wanting someone to love you;

Than believing in redemption,

So how can I be liable for running

Into the promise of you?

You were supposed to love me

The way you said you did.


I was never a thoughtless girl.

I gather words and select what is worth saying

And then I say it;

Some say I am brave.

I am a force to be reckoned with;

A tempest of words on my good days,

But somehow ‘I love you’ slipped out

And brought quiet to this storm.

Cold Shoulder

When you shut me out

It’s like all the air has left the room

And I’m gasping and grasping for life.

And I know that you’re upset,

But you can’t be this cold

And expect this to survive:

Fire only burns because oxygen sustains it.


How fitting is it that my centennial poem is for you?

And you,

Boat smile and laughing eyes,

are everything that I was afraid of.

You are the turning point,

The axis of my evolution.

You are gravity and magic:

You bring me to earth

And maintain a sense of awe that follows you

Like a trail of footprints.

You are the hidden love,

The secret ingredient;

And the greatest gift that I could ever give to you

Is to love you from a distance

Because I’m the kind of girl they don’t look at twice

But fall in love with anyway;

Because my words are like honey

And I’m all the things she failed to be.

So when you lay your love in my lap

And I tell you that the light I emit

Is refracted by the crystal lattice

Formed from the broken shards of my heart,

Know that I am not playing coy

And that I have never loved anyone more.


"If our love’s insanity, why are you my clarity?" - 'Clarity', Zedd feat. Foxes

A deck of cards is all we need

To keep the world still.

We’re like two children with a secret;

Slipping flowers into mud cakes and playing house.

We’re a quirky pair;

Two mismatched puzzles that never fail to fit:

We are sober thoughts spilling out of drunk mouths;

Christmas lights on New Year’s Eve;

Clean socks meeting newly polished floors.

We’re common sense.